David Moyes threatens female reportervideo

OFFICIAL: Women just as likely as men to receive a slap from David Moyes

Equality advocate David Moyes has confirmed when it comes to dishing out physical abuse he's ready to put women on a level footing with...

Alarm as Neymar’s shoddy Naughts & Crosses skills are exposed

A recent Barcelona training exercise centred around the game Naughts and Crosses, has dramatically exposed Neymar's subpar puzzle technique. Split into two teams, Neymar let...

Southgate preps England for failure with reminder of past failures

England manager Gareth Southgate is leaving nothing to chance as he prepares his squad for more inevitable years of failure by showing them a...

Luis Enrique interview so boring journalist falls asleep

Luis Enrique's team might be captivating audiences of late following their incredible turnaround against PSG and another comeback against Valencia on the weekend, but...

Leicester into quarter-final, but Jamie Vardy still determined to knock himself out

Leicester City are into the quarter-finals of the Champions League after beating Sevilla 2-0 at the King Power on Tuesday, but that news was...

It’s clear, Jamie Carragher is ready to murder Jamie Redknapp

There is only enough room for one pundit named Jamie on Sky Sports, and it became clear on Sunday that Jamie Redknapp is a...

50-year-old goal scorer brings shame on middle-aged men everywhere

Afternoon naps and endless talking about "the good old days" might be a thing of the past for middle-aged men, after being shamed into...

Disgraceful dive during Hearts vs Hamilton goes completely unpunished

The diving epidemic, which has plagued football for many, many years reached new lows during Hearts 4-0 win over Hamilton on Saturday. With his team...

Wexit campaigners proving far noisier than Wemainers

In what could prove to be a decisive turning point of the Wenger debate, Wenger out campaigners, Wexiteers, have taken to the streets to...

Wenger already has the perfect replacement for Alexis Sanchez

With Alexis Sanchez' future at Arsenal cast into doubt following a dressing room bust up with team mates, manager Arsene Wenger has moved swiftly...


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