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Conte and Costa celebrate

Heartless Conte dumps Costa via text

The seemingly never ending on again, off again relationship between Antonio Conte and Diego Costa looks to finally be over after the Chelsea manager...
Jose Mourinho smiling

Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea: 5 things you should’ve learned

In today's lesson: A suit and cap combo is strictly prohibited. 1. Picking odd captains is now officially in vogue. The trend, spearheaded by Arsene...

Chelsea 1-0 Man United: 5 things we should’ve learned

1. Mourinho v Conte the big fight, would end in the first round with Mourinho hanging over the ropes. 2. N'golo Kante was three times...

Touchline footage confirms Antonio Conte can’t sit still for a second

So who covered the most ground at Stamford Bridge yesterday during Chelsea's 3-0 win over Leicester City? Matic? Drinkwater? How about the relentless runner...

Antonio Conte definitely has a better touch than David Luiz

How's your touch Conte? About as smooth and immaculate as the suit he wears on the Chelsea touchline judging by the below footage. Chelsea...


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