Real Madrid fans halfhearted attempts to kick Gareth Bale’s Bentley after Derby defeat


  1. А вот Конфиденциально , похоже, заканчивается совсем: The final episode of Doctor Who Confidential, When Time Froze, is on BBC Three on Saturday, ideamimtely after The Wedding of River Song

  2. Verônica, concordo em número, gênero e grau com vc. As vezes temos temas tão batidos que ficamos até com medo de dar uma chance a eles, mas devemos ter sempre em mente que aquele cara pode ter dado uma nova roupagem, criado um mundo diferente. Cabe ao leitor dar uma chance ao novo. E conhecer os clássicos também… Parabéns pelo post!!

  3. ¡100% de acuerdo! La aplicación de la marca en todos sus elementos (packaging, papelería, comunicación, retail…) fue hecha cuidadosamente y de forma muy coherente.Gracias por tu comentario y te animo a echar un vistazo a los proyectos que publicamos diariamente, encontrarás otros grandes ejemplos de branding.

  4. It’s actually pretty simple in the a Be genuine and be b Learn how people work; social Use the first step to open, use the second to navigate the Something I learned years ago that experience has proven true, in my opinion, is that *what* you say doesn’t ever really What’s important is *how you make someone Your actual words are just a means to that So what I mean by learn how people work is to learn how to recognize when people are Learn how to make them more Learn how to read their emotions, their level of engagement with And use Because every person is unique, you won’t be able to charm everyone, but the hive mind phenomenon is There are certain broad swathes of society that are attracted to the same things, that aspire to the same That is what we refer to as So familiarize yourself with the culture of your target And when I say culture, I don’t mean like, "American" I mean, "college culture", "corporate culture", "bar culture", "sports culture", even fucking "reddit The more cultured you are, the more people you can appeal Of course, don’t forget the first Be genuine and be Be And if you can’t be those things, forget about being Some people want to be Olympic-level boxers, but they just don’t have it in There’s nothing wrong with

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