Tag: Roy Hodgson

EPLpod: English teams dominate Champs league (except Liverpool)

Mike and Paul from EPLpod weigh in on Roy Hodgson's appointment at Crystal Palace, Liverpool's failure to make it a clean sweep for English...

Crystal Palace already preparing Roy Hodgson’s P45

Eager to smash their own record of sacking a manager after just four games, Crystal Palace were busily dotting the i's and crossing the...

“He took evasive action” Roy Hodgson tries to justify Wayne Rooney’s dive vs Preston

Well, was Roy Hodgson really going to say anything else about his national captain?? You can watch Rooney's dive here

Sir Ian McKellen: Hodgson is not living in the real world. 500 footballers in...

Sir Ian McKellen: Roy Hodgson is not living in the real world. 500 footballers in this country and not one of them out? -...

Lazy unpatriotic Sterling confesses to being tired – England fans are angry

We've all been there at some point. You know the feeling, when you're a little bit tired and you'd rather just sit this one...


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