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EPLpod: Beware of Hazard

Has Eden Hazard's Chelsea delivered the final knock out blow that will send the Premier League title back to Stamford Bridge? If a dazed...

Arsenal finally win a group, but it probably doesn’t matter

The guys from EPLpod take in this weeks Champions League action, as Lucas Peres grabs a hat-trick for group winners Arsenal, Leicester get thrashed...

EPLpod: Arsenal, Man City & Leicester stay in Europe as Spurs edge to Brexit

Paul makes a surprise return to the studio as another scandal threatens to rock the very foundations of EPLpod. Incriminating evidence aside, we discuss this...

EPLpod: Chelsea unmercifully dismantle Manchester United

I join Mike and Paul of EPLpod as we take in the weekend's Premier League action over Skype. After Chelsea make sure it's an unhappy...

Touchline footage confirms Antonio Conte can’t sit still for a second

So who covered the most ground at Stamford Bridge yesterday during Chelsea's 3-0 win over Leicester City? Matic? Drinkwater? How about the relentless runner...

Antonio Conte definitely has a better touch than David Luiz

How's your touch Conte? About as smooth and immaculate as the suit he wears on the Chelsea touchline judging by the below footage. Chelsea...

EPLpod: Riyad Mahrez trolls Arsenal to get better contract at Leicester

Mike and Paul from EPLpod discuss whether Riyad Mahrez has just followed Jamie Vardy's tactic in using interest from Arsenal to land himself a...

Vardy punches himself in the chops during Leicester’s defeat to Hull

No, Jamie Vardy is definitely not having a party anymore. Instead he is punching himself in the face! Leicester kept up their tradition of proving...

EPLpod: Zlatan powers United to Community Shield win

With Mike on holiday, no doubt sat on a deck next to a pristine lake contemplating his next New York Times best seller, Paul...


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