Marcelo pitches for the Fallon d’Floor award, we might have a winner

Forget the Ballon d’Or, Marcelo has set his eyes on a far more dignified award, the Fallon d’Floor.

2-0 down in the first leg of Real Madrid’s clash at Wolfsburg, Marcelo decided now was his time to throw his hat into the ring and his body on to the floor after taking a ‘devastating’ blow from Maximilian Arnold.

Extra points surely have to be awarded to Marcelo for first kicking out at Arnold, and then after feigning injury and hitting the turf, ensuring his victim also got a booking. Outstanding stuff from the Brazilian.

Watch Marcelo’s Fallon d’Floor contender below.


  1. That mofutrehcker died in Viet Nam. Why should we have to watch him not accepting his death? This is fucking America. Thats a day one lesson in recognizing shit. Did you die? Are you dead? Man up.-Zach Braff on The Naked Lunch

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