Hannover’s novel solution to relegation gives Villa glimmer of hope

Sat at the foot of the table, and having just lost their fourth Bundesliga game in a row, Hannover have come up with a creative solution to stave off the threat of relegation.

The key here is simplicity. No appointment of a new manager, no innovative tactic or a string of new signings to help the out of the mire. No no, just do this to the table instead, and everything looks far more rosy:

A genius solution that Remi Garde is said to be ecstatic about and is already feverishly implementing, as seen below.


  1. Ja, alle har vi vel vært gjennom dette her nÃ¥r vi vokste opp! Tror jeg derimot var av de flinke pÃ¥ det omrÃ¥det, for det holdt iallfall hele skleÃo¥ret! Hehe!Lykke til!

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