Tag: Germany

EPLpod: England sleepwalk their way past Lithuania

Podcasting directly from the abyss, otherwise known as the wilderness beyond the Premier League's top four, Mike and Paul from EPLpod cobble together something...

Euro 2016: Griez Lighting! France bosses Germany 

Mike and Paul from EPLpod take in Portugal's miraculous route to the Euro 2016 final, heap praise on Antoine Griezmann who's brace sends Germany...

Euro 2016: France shows everyone just how bad England are

Mike and Paul from EPLpod look back at the quarter finals of Euro 2016 where France showed England how it's done by giving Iceland...

Behind the goal slow-mo footage of Jamie Vardy’s sublime flick vs Germany

Das ist der VARDY PARTY!! Yes, yes, yes, following England's brilliant comeback against Germany in a meaningless friendly ahead of the Euro's, the hype machine,...


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