50-year-old goal scorer brings shame on middle-aged men everywhere

Afternoon naps and endless talking about "the good old days" might be a thing of the past for middle-aged men, after being shamed into...

Disgraceful dive during Hearts vs Hamilton goes completely unpunished

The diving epidemic, which has plagued football for many, many years reached new lows during Hearts 4-0 win over Hamilton on Saturday. With his team...

Wexit campaigners proving far noisier than Wemainers

In what could prove to be a decisive turning point of the Wenger debate, Wenger out campaigners, Wexiteers, have taken to the streets to...

Wenger already has the perfect replacement for Alexis Sanchez

With Alexis Sanchez' future at Arsenal cast into doubt following a dressing room bust up with team mates, manager Arsene Wenger has moved swiftly...

Warning: Never take betting tips from Paul Merson

Bungling TV pundit Paul Merson was on fine form over the weekend when he gazed into his crystal ball and made predictions for three...

Emre Can given the wet willy treatment against Plymouth

How do you say wet willy in German? If, as is very likely, Emre Can's English classes failed to cover that very particular phrase,...

Killjoy ball boy expertly ruins Tim Cahill’s goal celebration

Ball boys, when they're not taking a shoeing from Eden Hazard or nutmegging poor old Robert Green, you can guarantee they are carefully plotting...

Commentators in 21 languages losing their minds over that Olivier Giroud goal

At the Emirates on Sunday Olivier Giroud scored what will surely be the goal of the year. The Frenchmen was obviously very keen to...

Pep and Klopp look like they’re ready to murder someone

For the football manager, the Christmas and New Years period is less about being forced to spend time with family, wearing ugly jumpers and...

Karamoko Dembele: The next Messi or the next Freddy Adu?

Freddy Adu, Cherno Samba, Sonny Pike, Tonton Zola Moukoko. If those names are familiar to you, it's likely because of one unified reason: They...


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