EPLpod: Neymar to make do on just £3,553/hr

Neymar is preparing for life on the breadline as he comes to terms with earning only £3,553/hr (after tax!) at his new club PSG....

EPLpod: City undone by Zorro while Liverpool run riot

With Mike sidelined after eating some dodgy oysters, Sir Ben joins Paul "the myth" Metcalfe in the EPLpod studio to discuss the final group...

EPLpod: Is Arsène Wenger holding back Arsenal? 

EPLpod: Is Arsène Wenger holding back Arsenal?Source: EPLpod: Is Arsène Wenger holding back Arsenal? – EPL POD

EPLpod: Mahrez to Arsenal?

Source: EPLpod: Mahrez to Arsenal? – EPL POD

EPLpod: Great, now the World Cup is ruined

Dripping with meat sweats, Mike makes his long awaited return to the EPLpod hot seat armed with a defribulator at the ready. In this mid-week...

EPLpod: Real Madrid set to take on Juventus in Cardiff

Mike and Paul from EPLpod take in the Champions League action as Atletico win their last European fixture at the Vicente Calderon but are...

EPLpod: The ‘Dildo Brothers’ botch transfer with Sporting

The chaps chat about the awkward return Coutinho, Sanchez and van Dijk's will be making at their respective clubs, Dele Alli's one finger wave...

EPLpod: Old lady schools Spurs

Spurs' Champions League dreams come to and end at Wembley as Juventus show their maturity, Manchester City and Liverpool qualify for the quarter-finals at...

EPLpod: Christian Benteke is a cheater! 

Source: EPLpod: Christian Benteke is a cheater! – EPL POD

EPLpod: Should Pep take Sergio Aguero off penalty taking duties?

I join Mike and Paul in the EPLpod studio as the Premier League makes its return from the international break. Crisis City!! Pep's men drop...


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