“He likes to cheat” Kurt Zouma drops a truthbomb regarding Diego Costa

Following all the controversy surrounding Garbiel’s sending off on the weekend, Chelsea’s Kurt Zouma decided not to tow the party line during an interview after the game and instead gave a surprising admission about Diego Costa – chiefly that the striker is a bit of a cheat.

Feeling proud as punch after scoring the opening goal Zouma confirmed what we already knew, given that we all have a pair of eyes and can see the scandalous behaviour Costa gets up to on a football pitch. “Everybody knows Diego” shrugged Zouma, before adding “Diego likes to cheat a lot, and he likes to put opponents out of the game.”

Obviously professional footballers go through tonnes of media training to avoid exactly this kind of honest assessment, so that we can instead have the pleasure of hearing boring cliches each week. The rogue Zouma might have to start thumbing through those stock statements before he’s let back in front of the cameras.

Already on twitter, Zouma has began his PR back peddling by insisting his lack of English skills were to blame for his accusing a team mate to be a cheat. Presumably Mourinho, and some Chelsea suits were looking over shoulder as Zouma sweated over the keyboard.