“I’ll give my all for Derby City!” – Bradley Johnson’s promise to Derby County fans

You would think, that having just become the clubs record signing that you would remember the name of the club as you make your first interview and greet your new supporters. You would think.

Not if you happen to be Bradley Johnson, who became Derby County’s record signing  from Norwich at £6m, squeezing in just before the transfer window closed. Johnson, talking during his first interview with the BBC as a Derby County player didn’t exactly endear himself to the Derby faithful when he signed off with a confident “”I’ll give my all for Derby City!”

The only weak defence we can give Johnson, and it really is pretty weak, is that perhaps being at Norwich for a few years, the poor lad had City still very much on his mind. Either that, or we’ve reached a point where players don’t even know who they are about to suit up for. One hopes it’s the former.